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Geothermal Systems in Albemarle County, VA

Because of the rising energy costs, Boyers 72 Degrees, LLC. is constantly searching for less expensive and environmentally friendly alternatives to oil and natural gas to heat and cool their homes and businesses. Geothermal systems are environmentally friendly, cost efficient, comfortable, and reliable.
How Does It Work?
Geothermal heat pumps use the constant 50-55 temperature of the earth as the exchange medium instead of the outside air temperature, allowing the system to reach very high efficiencies.
The ground temperature is warmer than the air above it during the winter and cooler than the air in the summer. The Geothermal heat pump takes advantage of this by exchanging heat with the earth through a ground heat exchanger.

As with any heat pump, geothermal and water-source heat pumps are able to heat, cool, and, if so equipped, supply the house with hot water. Some models of geothermal systems are available with two-speed and modulating compressors and variable fans for more comfort and energy savings. Relative to air-source heat pumps, they are quieter, last longer, need little maintenance, and do not depend on the temperature of the outside air.

Boyers 72 Degrees Heating and Air Conditioning is proud of our design, service, and installation of many Geothermal heat pump systems over the years. Each system is sized and configured specifically for your home or business needs.
To learn more about how a geothermal system can benefit your home, contact us today!